Ura: a pathway through water

An odyssey toward the sources of life

Ura will immerse you in an adventure where the power of water will take on a new meaning.

In Chandler, on the shores of Bourg de Pabos, Lamia invites you on the water path. This mysterious woman will give you the keys of eight stations placed here and there, along your way.

Inside these stations, you will live amazing experiences. Never again, you will see the water in the same way …

Ura is a 1 km path in the forest and at the edge of the sea.

Visitors explore the trail at their own pace. The approximate duration of the experiment is 60 minutes.

Visitors can live the Ura experience in the day and at night.

You can reserve online and take a look to our shedule and price in the section reservation.

About cadabra

Creative division of XYZ Cultural Technology, Cadabra is a multidisciplinary studio whose mission is to transform knowledge into a show. His team imagines, realizes and produces captivating collective experiences that challenge the senses and capture the imagination. The creators explore unusual modes of expression and new narrative avenues to build collective experiences that challenge and amaze.

The cadabra studio in Quebec has several projects whose expertise is recognized worldwide, including the innovative immersive experience launched last summer in Sorel Tracy, Statera – the 104th island.

Check out Cadabra’s website to find out more about their different creations.




Image credits and collaborators (station 8)

Moira Brown Ph. D. — Canadian Whale Institute/Campobello Whale Rescue Team

Research Scientist

Delphine Durette-Morin — Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University/Canadian Whale Institute

MSc Student and Research Assistant

Marianna Hagbloom — Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, New England Aquarium

Research Assistant

Nick Hawkins Photography

Photographer and Photojournalist

Jamison Smith — Blue World Research Institute

Chief Scientist